Обсуждение блокировок интернета в Туркменистане (26.04.23)

Сейчас в Туркменистане, очень сильно начали блокировать интернет. Если возможность как-нибудь обойти данную блокировку?

Что именно изменилось? Вы про какую-то конкретную блокировку говорите?

There is a post on the Tor forum that says that obfs4 bridges are working for Turkmenistan if they meet two conditions:

  1. They are in residential ISPs (not typical data center or hosting ISPs)
  2. They use common ports like 80, 443, 8080 (not random ports)

In the last few months, the Anti-censorship community has learned that different pluggable transports, like Snowflake, and entire IP ranges, have been blocked in the country. Therefore, running a bridge on popular hosting providers like Hetzner, Digital Ocean, Linode, and AWS won’t help as these providers’ IP ranges are completely blocked in Turkmenistan.

Recently, we learned from the Anti-censorship community[2] and via Tor user support channels that Tor bridges running on residential connections were working fine. Although they were blocked after some days or a week, these bridges received a lot of users and were very important to keep Turkmens connected.

[2] Turkmenistan - NTC
Bidirectional DNS, HTTPS, HTTP injection in Turkmenistan · Issue #80 · net4people/bbs · GitHub

Based on user feedback, we learned that obfs4 bridges running on
residential connections + port 80, 443 or 8080 works in Turkmenistan. Last week I asked some operators to change their bridge obfs4 port and it worked!