Any Idea which protocol is this using?


Does anyone knows which method is this using. As far as I know this is using a UDP protocol. And connected to a VPN. There are many UDP ports requests being made and I think its being tunneled through VPN. This is weird but it works in our country

Sample Requests Image below:

you should provide more info and don’t crop screenshots like this because its useless now

Yeah, they seemed to be using Hysteria, but the problem is I tried to setup my own server but the port hopping not like them, port hopping was randomized between 20000-50000 but in his, it was on order like 20000, 200001, 20002, so on and so for do you have any idea about it?

Its not cropped, tbh its just in perfectly order not hop by random

What? Its cropped, i cant understand what is column 5 and 7 for, i have no idea which port is local or destination