Need to refresh websites a couple of times for them to load

After refreshing the website a couple of times (sometimes up to 10-20 times), the website works for a while, then I need to do it again when I wanna use it again.
Are there any settings I can use so that I don’t have to do this?

I’m currently using service_install_russia_blacklist_dnsredir which uses the following:
-5 --dns-addr --dns-port 1253 --dnsv6-addr 2a02:6b8::feed:0ff --dnsv6-port 1253 --blacklist "%CD%\russia-blacklist.txt"" start= “auto”

Thanks in advance

If you are using Chrome, then the reason may be Kyber.

Wow, that fixed it. Thank you very much. I hope they don’t remove that option from flags and make it permanently enabled in the future