Several proxy Firefox extensions are blocked in Russia by Mozilla

It seems that Kommersant has received the reply from Mozilla, but not the extension developers.

“After recent regulatory changes in Russia, we began to receive persistent requests from Roskomnadzor demanding that we remove five extensions from the Mozilla extension store. After careful consideration, we have temporarily limited their availability in Russia. Realizing the consequences of these actions, we are carefully considering further steps, taking our local community into account,” Mozilla told Kommersant.

I’ve asked the reason in AMO Matrix chat room 3 days ago, no reply yet.

Кажется, в мозилле не знают поговорку по самое постоянное. Вопрос по обновления - а если добавить амо в исключения того же цензотрекера?

Response from the Mozilla’s representative on forum thread linked above:

An additional statement from the today’s Mozilla’s Reddit AMA

Mozilla has not lifted the geoblocking of ad blockers ( e.g. uBlock Origin ) .

  1. говорят блокировку сняли
  2. не видел пруфа но вроде как банили даже ссылки на .xpi для автообновления