What softwares does Linux users use?

Hi, first of all sorry about my grammar, I am just a Turkish guy that wants to surf on internet freely. My ISP is Superonline, I was using netfilter-spooftcp I know it is not a software but at the end of the day it was working. Well, I do not know why but it stopped working but yeah it stopped working so that’s why I decided to switch zapret over it and it was working either, eventually sadly it stopped working, too. I still can use PowerTunnel on my android phone without any error, issue whatever you call but in desktop I have no choice. So if you are a linux user what do you use to get rid of dpi.
Thanks and again, sorry for my bad grammar.

I could make PowerTunnel work, lets go!

zapret has different modes of operation, have you tried them all?
As far as I can see, zapret is the most mature and functional among all alternatives.

On Linux you can use Tor Browser. It is not as fast as other circumvention systems, and it does not automatically tunnel all traffic like a VPN would, but it is usually reliable for evading blocking and is a good thing to have in reserve.

You can download from https://www.torproject.org/tr/download/ (Turkish localization).

The first time you run it, you have to configure the browser for circumvention. Select “Configure” (“Yapılandır”) then “Tor is censored in my country” (“Bulunduğum ülkede Tor ağı engelleniyor”). Then select obfs4 or meek-azure.

For better evasion using obfs4, you can use a non-public bridge.

  • Click “Request a Bridge…” (“Köprü isteğinde bulun…”) and solve the captcha.
  • Or go to BridgeDB and request obfs4 bridges. You can save the bridges in a file to use later if you find yourself blocked.