Добавить индивидуальный прокси в конфигурацию OpenVPN

Добрый день! Подскажите как добавить свой индивидуальный запароленый прокси в конфигурацию антизапрета для OpenVPN ?

Используйте параметры socks-proxy и http-proxy

--socks-proxy args
    Connect to remote host through a Socks5 proxy.  A required server argument is needed.  Optionally a port (default 1080) and au‐
    thfile can be given.  The authfile is a file containing a username and password on 2 lines, or stdin can be used to prompt from

--http-proxy args
    Connect  to  remote host through an HTTP proxy.  This requires at least an address server and port argument.  If HTTP Proxy-Au‐
    thenticate is required, a file name to an authfile file containing a username and password on 2 lines can be given, or stdin to
    prompt  from console. Its content can also be specified in the config file with the --http-proxy-user-pass option. (See section
    on inline files)

    The last optional argument is an auth-method which should be one of none, basic, or ntlm.

    HTTP Digest authentication is supported as well, but only via the auto or auto-nct flags (below).  This must replace the  auth‐
    file argument.

    The  auto  flag causes OpenVPN to automatically determine the auth-method and query stdin or the management interface for user‐
    name/password credentials, if required. This flag exists on OpenVPN 2.1 or higher.

    The auto-nct flag (no clear-text auth) instructs OpenVPN to automatically determine the authentication method,  but  to  reject
    weak authentication protocols such as HTTP Basic Authentication.


        http-proxy proxy.example.net 3128
        http-proxy proxy.example.net 3128 authfile.txt
        http-proxy proxy.example.net 3128 stdin
        http-proxy proxy.example.net 3128 auto basic
        http-proxy proxy.example.net 3128 auto-nct ntlm