A basic VPN/proxy guide to egypt

A basic VPN/proxy guide to Egypt, that I wrote as a personal notes, feel free to contribute and fix any mistake
I would also like to ask any guidance on how to better spread this info and how to penetrate wider audience,
my main goal is to teach the average layman how to circumvent censorship in Egypt as effortlessly as possible without any technical knowledge and monetary investments

Hi, thanks for this initiative! Could you help us test Tor in Egypt? At the moment, it’s not clear how many providers have implemented DPI devices and how or if they are blocking Tor connections or if they have only blocked Tor Directory Authorities.

Please check the tests below and let me know if you can help us!
You can share the results privately here in the forum or, if you feel comfortable, you can share here in this thread. Or via my email gus at torproject.org.


First, download Tor Browser. If www.torproject.org is blocked, you can download Tor Browser from a mirror: https://tor.eff.org or GetTor Telegram bot.

Test 1: Start Tor Browser without bridges

If Test 1 works, then you don’t need to run the tests below. But, if you can’t start Tor Browser, please share the logs and then run these tests:

Test 2: Run Tor Browser with obfs4 built-in bridges

Start Tor Browser, go to menu Settings > Connection > Select a built-in bridge > click on Obfs4 and click on “OK”.

Test 3: Run Tor Browser with Snowflake built-in bridge

Start Tor Browser, go to menu Settings > Connection > Select a built-in bridge > click on Snowflake and click on “OK”.

Test 4: Run Tor Browser with WebTunnel

  • Visit the website with your browser: https://bridges.torproject.org/options
  • In “Advanced Options”, select “webtunnel” from the dropdown menu, and click on “Get Bridges”.
  • Solve the captcha.
  • Copy the bridge line and in Tor Browser, go to menu Settings > Connection > Add a bridge manually and paste the webtunnel bridge line.