Colombia retard and stupid nternet censorship

hola vengo informares sobre el bloqueo y la censura en internet en colombia

since 2000 and something colombia blocks pornographic sites or any web page under the excuse of child pornography and protect the children but in reality the authorities do not protect the real children they spend much effort in blocking any page instead of protecting and saving lives of real children especially the farc terrorists in the colombian senate thanks to the havana circus and our corrupt courts against a government law towards child abusers.

they not only block porn sites but also casino sites to protect the monopoly of lotteries and gambling.

first before in colombia you could use goodbye dpi, esni firefox and some vpns but now my isp tigoune is blocked cloudflare dns, firefox esni and goodbye dpi

i tried everything to re-enable esni in firefox in the normal versions and esr without any result but well i’ll leave some results in ooni from my android cell phone

now my isp tigoune blocks cloudflare dns in dns over https and dns over tls thanks a firewall

You can try goodbyedpi with -1 --set-ttl X option, where X should be 1-10, starting from the smallest value and gradually increasing it if it doesn’t work.
Instead of Cloudflare DNS, you can use dnscrypt or DNS over TLS (not DNS over HTTPS).

what solucion is for working esni in firefox so well i am browsering in library with repressive firewall feels living in china the only esni works i am trying for esni works in the cloudflare tests but never works use firefox esr 91 but both never works :frowning:

can’t create a goodbye dpi version without admin rights psihion is very slow in my library of banco de la republica de colombia

I’m tired of it

how use dnscrypt or dns over i am use windows

Well, if this is a library and a public computer, it may be using proxy. Try Tor Browser first, it supports working via proxy.

oh thanks but i want how use dns over tls or dnscrypt in windows 10

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Your DNS doesn’t seem to be poisoned, so you don’t need DNS encryption, at least judging from your ooni tests.

Installation instructions are available on the corresponding websites: DNSCrypt - Official Project Home Page

oh thanks you when I enter any page I am redirected to this page the type of blocking depends on the system by ip, dns and the worst of all by firewall. now all isp of colombia use block by ip and firewalls and dpi

ESNI was removed from Firefox in version 85. There is client support for ECH in current versions of Firefox, but as I understand there are no server-side deployments yet. (ECH = Encrypted Client Hello, encrypts the SNI and more.)

but the problem is not works in my library and isp, ech sucks, i miss esni is time for use nthlink and vpngate but nthlink is blocked and vpngate is blocked but the servers works