Goodbyedpi suddenly not working. I can't enter a lot websites..

Operating system / операционная система

Windows 10 21H2

Running as service / Запуск программы как сервис

I installed it as a service / Установил как сервис Windows

Describe the issue / Опишите проблему

Goodbyedpi suddenly not working. I can’t enter a lot websites… It was good until 2 day ago. Now it’s complately broken.

Please help me .

You need to provide additional information, we can’t guess what exactly is wrong in your opinion.

How exactly it doesn’t work? Does it break regular non-blocked websites when you run GoodbyeDPI? Does it not unblock all the websites? How do you run it, what command or cmd file? What do you see when you run it and hit the problem: is the website loads indefinitely or something else? Which websites are you referring to?

The more information you provide, the more chance you’ll get an answer. We’re too lazy to pull out information from you.

I can’t enter blocked websites.
I only run these 2 of cmd. It was fine for 7-8 month. But now it doesn’t work. I tried latest version too. Same.

I just simply right click and run with admin. I can’t enter the website basically it says “This site is unreachable
Connection reset.” on the website.

These scripts are for Russia, they run GoodbyeDPI with the blacklist of sites which are blocked in Russia.
If you’re not in Russia, you should use 2_any_country_dnsredir.cmd for example.
If you want to install service, modify the execution options manually. You can grab them from 2_any_country_dnsredir.cmd.

I ran the 2_any_country_dnsredir.cmd but still didn’t work. Issue is same.

so can you help please?

I doubt someone will help you if you can’t go into tech details.
The best start would be to provide traffic capture of failed http/https session
Wireshark is the right tool

Have you tried different modes and options? If nothing works, then unfortunately GoodbyeDPI doesn’t work with your ISP, or the websites you’re trying to reach are blocked by IP address and not via DPI.

I don’t know how to try different modes. I just simply run them via admin.

There’s a readme on the software page: GitHub - ValdikSS/GoodbyeDPI: GoodbyeDPI — Deep Packet Inspection circumvention utility (for Windows)