How to bypass torrent blocking by Internet provider?

I from Belarus, my IPS is A1 mobile operator A1 Belarus - Wikipedia

I use Internet provided by my mobile operator, it has speed 50 mbps. My IPS blocks torrent protocol as I understand. I can freely use Internet on full speed and download what ever I want by http / https. But when I try to download torrent file (not a torrent with meta information but target files itself) then downloading just not starting at all. My provider do not block torrent sites, only torrent files downloading.

I use torrent client on my laptop and my phone as a USB router / modem. I bypass traffic routing for “USB teathering” and “Wi-Fi hotspot” by changing TTL, no problems here.

I tried VPN / proxy and it helps. But I wonder if it is possible to bypass the blocking without VPN.

Articles that I found say that it is very hard for IPS to recognize if connection is torrent specific to block it. So It is interesting to know how they block torrent traffic.
I have to notice that when torrent traffic is blocked it is possible to download something by http protocol at the same time. I mean it is not just “block everything if there is something suspicious”.

What I tried and it did not help:

  1. I use 80 port with disabled UPnP / NAT-PMP option
  2. I use required encryption
  3. I set up quantity of connection to lower values (8, 16, 32). I tried with lower and with high, no difference here.
  4. I tried anonymous mode in qbittorrent client
  5. I tried to disable DHT, PeX, Local Peer Discovery to be more anonymous.
  6. I tried to use VPN without “use proxy for peer connections” and in the case event if I use proxy there is no downloading at all. I can download only with enabled “use proxy for peer connections” option.

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Well, if you have Windows, try using GoodbyeDPI with default settings, and disable uTP support in torrent client. This may help in some cases.

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  1. uTP disabling did not help, I tried that with all previous options of course
  2. Torrent downloading is working for A1 ISP when I use WebRTC torrent client like WebTorrent for example. Problem here is that amount of torrent clients that support WebRTC is small. For example when I downloaded file with more than 1000 seeds only two of them uploaded the file by WebRTC.

Also qbittorent do not support WebRTC yet WebTorrent support · Issue #4163 · qbittorrent/qBittorrent · GitHub
But as I understood there is some code already but not in main released version.
Vuze torrent client supports WebRTC.

List of torrent clients that support WebRTC Add WebRTC support to popular torrent clients · Issue #369 · webtorrent/webtorrent · GitHub

UPD GoodbyeDPI did not help or I do something wrong. I tried almost all bat files inside its folder. Additional I used DNSCrypt and also I tried wihout DNSCrypt.

As a result. Only working solution now is a proxy or VPN.

Your damned ISP is evil.

If you can, perform a network diagnostic with mtr and post what you get here.

mtr --report-wide --show-ips --tcp --port 52869