How to check if the website is blocked in Turkey

A snippet from my email with the person in Turkey:

“How come your government blocked Wikipedia?”

I think they claimed there were some pages where Wikipedia was biased against Turkey and made it look like Turkey was an ally of terrorists or something. And they demanded those articles to be changed and in the meantime, they’ve censored Wikipedia altogether instead of just censoring those said articles. For more information, please have a look at this:

“Do they announce when new website gets blocked, or is this done below the radar?”

We have something called Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA or BTK for short) in Turkey which regulates the Internet. They are the ones who censor Internet pages most of the time. I think there do some censorship under the radar as well but I think most of the time they do it legally. The reason you don’t see any redirects to a page where there’s information about the censorship is because I’m using DNSCrypt. When I don’t use DNSCrpyt and I try to connect to an HTTP page (I think HTTPS doesn’t allow redirects?) I’m re-directed into a webpage where it says the mentioned website is blocked according blabla.

" Do you have a list of blocked websites available in public?"

Not a list per se but we can search if a website is blocked or not through ICTA’s website. For example, searching for gives the following information:

"The protection measure has been taken for this website ( according to decision nr. 2017/2956 D. dated 29/04/2017 of “T.C Ankara 1.Sulh Ceza Hakimliği " has been implemented by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority.”

The link where you can do such queries is this:

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