How to check Russian Registry

I see neither in the Registry.

May I ask what’s the correct way to check the blocking registry? I’ve been using and, and I found entries for in the latter. But apparently I’m doing it in a wrong way.

Yes, as far as I understand, all these “tarpits” are actually very hard throttled traffic.

I’ve only seen this (hard throttle) for twitter com before March 4th and now for play/news google com. I didn’t check all sites that are blocked this month but for the few dozens I checked on (fb, news, vpn provider) they are all blocked by RSTs. Are you seeing any other throttled sites besides google news/play, at this moment?

The concept of the Registry is somewhat vague. There are several Registries, but when we talk about Registry, we mean the one which is available for the ISP (so-called “the ISP-exported version”, провайдерская выгрузка).

The most convenient service is by Roscomsvoboda, which basically has the same as the GitHub - zapret-info/z-i: Register of Internet Addresses filtered in Russian Federation repo.
However, that’s a “parsed” version of the registry, the real ISP exported has additional data like the blocking mode (domain/URL/IP). shows you some entries in their internal Registry, however all of the items state that “access restriction is not applied”.

I assume that all the websites which “hang” on loading are actually hard-throttled. I don’t have other examples at hand (thought that is hard-throttled, but no, it’s RST’ed).