How to use Cloudflare DNS instead of Yandex?


So I tried editing the dnsredir scripts replacing yandex DNS servers with Cloudflare DNS servers ( but I couldn’t connect to the internet.

I tried many ports 80, 8080, 443, 2052, 2053 but none of this worked.

Anyone has any idea how can I use my preferred DNS instead of Yandex DNS ?

Also, does GoodbyDPI supports normal HTTP ports or does it also supports HTTPS (DoH) ports ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

It supports only DNS data redirection to another regular DNS resolver. You should type port 53.
The reason for Yandex DNS is because it’s the only major public DNS resolver which provides service on non-standard port 1253, which is useful if your ISP redirects (hijacks) DNS queries to its own server.

Understood, thanks.

Just use --dns-addr without any port args