I wonder whether a tool ( the author didn't write the name of this tool ) works in Russia


The payload of the second one is a STUN binding request, you may need to change it. ( https://codeberg.org/Spilopelia-chinensis/TCB-Desynchronization-test/src/branch/main/raw-test/src/filter.rs#L1 )

Teardown has never worked.
Some sorts of desync sometimes work. Requires tests on each ISP

Thanks. I guess first one/second one + ClientHello Segmentation may work?

Usually works :
1.fake clienthello with low ttl or bad checksum
2. 1) + splitting ClientHello
3. Split ClientHello with second fragment first (disorder)
4. Split ClientHello mixed with zero-byte fakes between fragments and before the first fragment

Despite of common TSPU behavior there’s no common bypass strategy for all ISPs
Many ISPs have addition DPIs in the path

I only tested it in AS9808. The behaviour of censorship system in Russia seems to be more complex.