List of websites blocked in Indonesia

Here’s the link for websites which are blocked in Indonesia.

indonesia_blocked_domains_19.01.2020.7z (4.7 MB)

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Person from Indonesia writes:

Yes, the list is official list from the government. They make it public due to transparency rule.

The censorship here is kind of headache. There’s many ISP’s that user can use. But the only one we can use calmly is Telkom. It’s managed by the government, they cover the widest network and widest home internet provider in Indonesia. So the user is so many, maybe 5/10 is using Telkom rn. There’s many evidence they injecting their service to spy and even injecting cryptominer to the user.

The Internet Positif (gov redirect for the blocked website) is funny too, it should be a blank page with a word “page blocked” or something like on other ISP’s, but they redirect it to their news website that also adding ads to it and even that suck cryptominer. The other ISP’s is not blocking Netflix here. Only Telkom group is doing that because their ridiculous reason. They want Netflix to pay tax, delete adult movies and even force to add local movie to Netflix.