Need help setting/testing protocol in egypt

hello world?

i don’t know if this is the correct category

got a VPS
can’t determine if the protocols not working because i messed something up or because the gov blocked 'em

i know for a fact that egypt employ DPI, rendering protocols like wireguard, openVPN nonfunctional

i alse know that software such as cloak, GoodbyeDPI exist … but again i don’t trust my ability to employ them

i want to test v2ray/xray/trojan/hysteria/shadowsocks-rust port/REALITY

i just found out about this ecosystem of proxies, so i’m kinda clueless as every tutorial is in mandarin or russian both of which are beautiful language which i’m not fluent at and me being bad at networking is not helping either

i would appreciate it if anyone can send any material to supplement my reading with that explain the workings

Well, the simpliest way to test is to test from non-censored connection, for example, from another server, just to make sure that the tunnel works per se.

There are several server auto-install scripts for v2fly/xray out there. Most widely known are probably 3x-ui, but there are many.

A friend of mine has installed Outline two years ago for Egypt, and it is still working. You might want to try it, it’s a very simple server-side installation and a simple multi-platform client.