Ping, TCP, HTTP public test services, looking glass

Small list of useful public services which could ping and execute TCP/HTTP requests using different set of probes:

  • Show IP information from DB-IP, MaxMind,, IP2Location, databases
  • ICMP Ping
  • TCP port check on any port
  • UDP port check on any port (with an empty UDP packet)
  • DNS resolution (All A and AAAA records, PTR)
  • HTTP/HTTPS check on any port

Includes probes from Russia, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine (incl. Starlink), among other countries.

  • Lots of probes in Russia
  • Only HTTP/HTTPS checks on any port

All commands support IPv4 and IPv6

  • ICMP Ping
  • TCP open port check
  • Traceroute via mtr
  • All possible DNS resolution (A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, MX, NS, PTR, CAA, with any external resolver)

Includes probes in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and especially China
Guiyang (Huawei), Beijing (Tencent), Beijing (Huawei), Shandong (China Unicom), Jiangsu (China Telecom), Jiangsu (China Mobile), Qingdao (Aliyun), Zhejiang (China Telecom), Shanghai (Aliyun), Shanghai (Huawei), Shanghai (Tencent)

Looking glass with very extensive number of probes.

  • A/AAAA resolution with host
  • ICMP ping (IPv4/IPv6)
  • mtr/mtr6

  • Russian probes
  • HTTP/HTTPS check on any port
  • ICMP Ping
  • TCP port check

Some services block HTTP/HTTPS requests to IP address.
To easily “convert” IP to domain name, use or services. is (or

Mainland China

Looking Glass Servers