Please, I'm begging you, fix access to!

For some time now, it shows the “429 Too Many Requests” error, when I try to enter Please, tell me you can fix this!

Send the following link to the website administrator: AntiZapret Proxy

Ok, thanks.

They said they wouldn’t open access to it.

[07:01] <valdikss> is blocked country-wide in Russia by the government. I'm the administrator of free censorship circumvention service with 400 000+ active users, and returns 429 Too Many Requests for most of server IP addresses. Is it possible to do something about that?
[07:01] <valdikss>
[08:11] <Iona|I-401> valdikss, If it's blocked it was because of abuse and likely won't change
[08:17] <valdikss> Iona|I-401: well, it returns "too many requests".
[08:19] <Suzukaze> There's really nothing we can do about it if you you have hundreds of users behind a single IP
[08:19] <Suzukaze> All it takes is a couple to spam the site with requests to get automatically blocked
[08:20] <Suzukaze> Even if we unblock it this time it'll happen again
[08:23] <valdikss> You may consider adding it into whitelists. I have 7 proxy servers and 2 VPN servers, each with different IP (v4/v6) address.
[08:25] <valdikss> If there's some kind of abuse going on, please tell me, I'll see what I can do.
[08:25] <valdikss> Suzukaze: ^^^
[08:27] <Suzukaze> There's no whitelist, the limitation is automated and based only on the IP and requests sent in certain amounts of time
[08:29] <Suzukaze> It's not something average users will have happen, so no whitelist exists because anything that hits the limits should be blocked 
[09:28] <Suzukaze> valdikss there's nothing I can do, you'll need to figure it out yourself or tell people to use a non-shared proxy

I see. Well, that’s too bad. But thanks for making all that effort.

But also, it turned out they have some mirrors that are not blocked in Russia, for example.

У меня работает прекрасно.

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