Polymorph, a real-time network packet manipulation framework with support for almost all existing protocols

Polymorph is a framework written in Python 3 that allows the modification of network packets in real time, providing maximum control to the user over the contents of the packet. This framework is intended to provide an effective solution for real-time modification of network packets that implement practically any existing protocol, including private protocols that do not have a public specification. In addition to this, one of its main objectives is to provide the user with the maximum possible control over the contents of the packet and with the ability to perform complex processing on this information.

The Polymorph framework is composed of two main interfaces:

  • Polymorph: It consists of a command console interface. It is the main interface and it is recommended to use it for complex tasks such as modifying complex protocols in the air, making modifications of types in fields of the template or modifying protocols without public specification.
  • Phcli: It is the command line interface of the Polymorph framework. It is recommended to use for tasks such as modification of simple protocols or execution of previously generated templates.