Service for NON-Russian users?


I couldn’t find the service installer for non-Russian users. Where can I find it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You can use projects similar to GoodbyeDPI, which creator (@ValdikSS) indicated in the project description.

UPD - But if you want to use specifically Goodbye DPI, the project description contains instructions (click) on how to do it for Non-Russian users.

Thanks. I run 2_any_country_dnsredir.cmd . and it works well but how do I install goodbyedpi as a “windows service” ? There’s a script for Russian users only.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you that, you have to go to the main developer - @ValdikSS

Alright. Where can I find them ? When I try to open a issue at github, it redirects me to this site.

You can write to him in private messages by clicking on the nickname I indicated or wait until he comes to this thread and respond to you.

Alright, I’ll wait. Thank you for taking interest in my thread.

Try edit script by removing this part --blacklist "%CD%\russia-blacklist.txt\

Hello bauzer,

Thank you for the response. So I edited and now it looks like this:
sc create "GoodbyeDPI" binPath= "\"%CD%\%_arch%\goodbyedpi.exe\" -5 "" start= "auto"

is this correct? what about the spaces and two Quotation marks ?

Sorry, I don’t know scripting.

sc create "GoodbyeDPI" binPath= "\"%CD%\%_arch%\goodbyedpi.exe\" -5" start= "auto"
Something like this.

It works.

Thanks for the help and the project, your contribution is highly appreciated.

Could you please also comment on this, if possible?