Taiga, Nyaa.si RSS feed

Operating system / операционная система

W10 21H1

Running as service / Запуск программы как сервис

Installed as service, either way same result.

Describe the issue / Опишите проблему

Been using your tool since 0.1.6 had no issues, recently recommended it to friend and decided to update.
After updating to 0.2.1 the program called “Taiga” unable to search for nyaa.si RSS feed, gives ssl error (aka acts same as if goodbye dpi was not enabled: “blocked in your region”)

Nyaa.si itself is accessable and have no issues at all so i was curious what caused the change if you have any ideas. Using previous version seems like my current solution at the moment.

Write complete command line you use in both versions and please provide the traffic dump, also for both versions: