Forum rules & features (READ THIS!)

What is NTC

NTC is a community researching, documenting and combating Internet censorship all around the world, targeted to the technical aspect of it. The core members of the community have experience in novel censorship circumvention software and services development, identification of covert content filtering cases.
The goal of the community is to gather all censorship researchers together, to share news, ideas and other information in an efficient way, on a single convenient specialized forum.


Rules are simple:

  • Write in any language (it could be automatically translated with a single button), but English is preferable.
  • Think twice before posting a message. Don’t abet off-topic.
  • Swearing is allowed within reasonable extent. Better be active-aggressive than passive-aggressive.
  • Use simple language wherever possible or acceptable, to improve automatic translation quality.
  • No commercial advertisement allowed.

Detailed guidelines are available here.


NTC is running Discourse, a modern and convenient forum engine with lots of features. You can:

  • Receive email notifications when somebody mentiones you, also per-topic, per-category, or for the whole forum
  • Reply to the email message directly from your email client, without entering the forum
  • Translate all messages to your language with the translation button (translation button)
  • Enter anonymous mode to hide identity of your posts if they contain sensitive information and you live in oppressive regime country.

Please configure your notification and email preferences in your profile settings. You can also choose the forum language and make your profile information private from there.
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